Strategic site 8: Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone

Blackpool Airport Enterprise Zone

Location: Blackpool Airport and surrounding area, Squires Gate Lane, Blackpool


Key Stakeholder: Various


Summary: Historically a principal focus of industry in Blackpool, the site to the south of Squires Gate Lane, which includes Blackpool Airport, Blackpool Business Park, the Sycamore Trading Estate and various other commercial developments, received confirmation of its Enterprise Zone status in November 2015. Already well developed as a hub for industry and commerce, the added incentives brought by Enterprise Zone status should only look to increase business activity on site. Blackpool Airport remains operational, with regular scheduled flights to the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland sitting alongside constant private aviation usage.


Opportunities: The benefits of Enterprise Zone status present strong opportunities for companies of all sizes. The inclusion of both Business Rate Relief and Enhanced Capital Allowances areas allows for flexibility in the advantages that can be garnered from locating in the Enterprise Zone. Business Rates Relief of up to £275,000 (subject to State Aid rules) will be available for companies occupying premises on the EZ before March 31 2022, whilst first-year 100% Enhanced Capital Allowances are available for businesses investing heavily in plant and machinery before March 31 2020. Primary target sectors for the Enterprise Zone include energy, aviation and aerospace, food and drink and professional services, but occupants from within other sectors will also be able to take advantage of the Enterprise Zone benefits.